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 Cross of War 14/18

CROSS OF WAR 14/18 :

  HISTORIC :  Beginning

In the beginning of the war of 1914-1918, the need made itself feel to create A reward for the courageous fighters who got a quote. Some effect, the distinctions of the time,: Legion of honor and Military Medal didn't answer this preoccupation. This is how Maurice Barrès asked " for the creation of a new military reward, of a medal, so that the chief can decorate his bravest soldiers on the fields of battle after every .Le business " deputy Bonnefous and several of his colleagues put down December 23, 1914, a proposition of law having the tendency to institute for the fighters, a medal said of the " Military " Value, intended to commemorate the individual quotes. January 28, 1915, deputy Driant, reporter of the commission of the army, put back a report favorable to the creation of an order rewarding the Military Value, but while giving him a brief name, that sounds proudly and that, to him only, excluded the favor and the seniority... Call this new decoration, " the Cross of war ", he had to conclude.

  RECIPIENTS :  Beginning

The Cross of War commemorates since the beginning of the hostilities, the individual quotes for facts of war. She rewards the soldiers, but also the civilians and the staffs militarized. The decree of application, taken April 23, 1915, specify in particular that the Cross of war maybe discount, on asks them, to deceased recipient parents.


The facts of war of the first world conflict have been rewarded by quotes to the order in the beginning of the hostilities, then by quotes with Cross of war from April 8, 1915. A commission presided by Marshal Fayolle insured that all fighters of the Big war had received the reward of their exploits indeed and decided that it would not be granted anymore of such distinctions from October 18, 1921. Nevertheless, and these rules are valid for all different conflict quotes, those that receive the medal of the escaped prisoners currently, can get a quote coming with this distinction and the invalids mentioned on the occasion of their injury see the corresponding quote raised to the order of the army when they receive the Military Medal or the Legion of honour.

  THE DISTINCTION :  Beginning

To the obverse:
to the center, a head of Republic covered of the cap phrygian decorated of one crown of laurel with the legend " Republic French ".

To the reverse:
the Cross of war carried to the origin the mention " 1914-1915 ", then the war continuing, this vintage was modified successively and was replaced by " 1914-1916 ", 1914-1917 " and finally " 1914-1918", the one that represents on the crosses assigned the last, that is to say after the cessation of the conflicts.

To note that several quotes gotten for different facts distinguish themselves by as many stars or palms. On the other hand, a palm of money replaces five bronze palms.


Regimental lanyard:

after the official individual quote commemoration by the creation of the war Cross appeared to the necessity to create a badge to commemorate the collective quotes gotten by the combat units. It was a done deal by a circular of April 21, 1916 creating the regimental lanyard.

Old institution of the cavalry, it was to the origin a rope to fodder destined to maintain the monumental hairdressings of the riders in place.

All settings and the men of an unit quoted two or three times to the order of the army or having taken a flag to the enemy, were allowed to carry on the uniform, this regimental lanyard to the colors of the war Cross, green spotted of red.

Another decision came to confer the cross and the regimental lanyard to the flags and standards of the units having received these rewards.


The assignment of the war cross doesn't come with any obligatory ceremonial. The discount to the person concerned of an excerpt of the order mentioning it is sufficient to establish his/her/its rights in the harbor of this distinction. If the cross is put back during a hold of weapons, the member élect comes to arrange itself forward ten steps of the flag. The commander of the troops order the " Attention ". The authority charged of the discount has the proclamation opened and pronounce after having indicated the rank, the name and the first name of the member élect, the following formula,:

" In the name of the defense secretary, we award you the cross of war 1914-1918 for the following motives... reading of the text of the quote "

After the discount, the aforesaid authority has the proclamation closed.

  PECULIARITY :  Beginning

The procedures of regularization or probate of quote are possible every time that the concerned staffs detain conclusive administrative documents, but whatever is the period considered a same fact of war cannot give place to the assignment of several quotes.

To note that in October 1917, the Cross of war was assigned to a city, for the first time on the initiative of the minister of the war Paul Painlevé.

It is about the city of Dunkerque. Others followed until 1930. He/it was some in the same way for the big bodies of the État, police's prefecture, the bar of Paris, the universities and nearly all big schools, because of the agreed sacrifices.

The Cross of war of the captain Georges Guynemer, legendary hero of the French aviation, is exposed to the city hall of the Bourget, in Seine - Saint - Denis. Let's signal besides that this city is decorated of the Cross of war 1939-1945.

The national association of the Crosses of war and the Military Value to her social seat to the National hotel of the Invalids 4, Boulevard of the Invalid in Paris (75007)