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  HISTORIC :  Beginningt

The medal of the Family French has been created by decree of May 26 1920, shortly after the end of the Big War, to honor the mothers, French having raised several children worthily.

Since this time, the initial text knew numerous modifications before a total recast due to a decree of October 28, 1982 creating one " Medal of the Family French ".

Entered in force January 1st, 1983, this decree has been completed by a decree of March 15, 1983. The sign of the evolution appears in the recognition of the merits of one father or of all other no one that raises some children worthily.


  RECIPIENT :  Beginning

The different categories of people concerned are the following:

Three degrees of reward exist:

The holders receive a diploma containing the excerpt of the decree of assignment. only one promotion exists per year.



The candidacies or the propositions must be set down to the town hall of the domicile.

The prefect of the residence department has delegation to confer the distinction after having collected the opinion of the departmental commission of the medal.


  THE DISTINCTION :  Beginning


 PECULIARITY :  Beginning

The medal can be awarded to posthumous title if the proposition is made in the two years of the death of the mother or of the father.

The medal of bronze is assigned to the war widows that, having to the death of their husband three children, raised them only.


Let's mention in example the history of the Father Mayotte, Catholic priest, cleaned of the, parish of Randan (Puy of Dome), decorated of the Family's Medal French, to have raised the six children of the lady charged of the maintenance of the cure, widow and suddenly deceased.