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  HISTORIC :  Beginning

Of recent creation (decree of the 21/04/1982) this decoration has been created by Charles Hernu (Defence Minister).

It took the idea of the General of Boissieu thus (Big Chancellor of the honour Legion - former chief of state Regimental adjutant of the Earth army), anxious to reward the soldiers doing the national service as well as the soldiers of the active service.

This medal permits to reduce the delays of obtaining of one of the national orders or the Military Medal.


  RECIPIENTS :  Beginning

The medal of the National Defence rewards the honourable services returned by the soldiers at the time of preparations or operations to the service of the armies as well as interventions in favour of the populations.

The minister can award by personal decision the medal to the civilians and to the strangers having returned some services in France and to his armies.


  THE DISTINCTION :  Beginning

Dark red colour, shared by a strip median bruise overseas. In border, a white edging, in medal of silver and yellow in medal however.

In bronze. Effigy of the " Marseillaise " of Rough with the mention " Republique Française ".
Reverse: a cap phrygian with the entry " Armee-Nation " and " Defense Nationale".

They take place on the ribbon. In appendix, the different entry.



The candidate must show evidence of service seniority and must total a minimum of points, (scale established by the minister), in order to translate the length of the activities and actions, the titles of war or the patents and military certificates gotten after the 01/09/1981.

Three echelons :

6 months of services and 90 points

5 years of services and 600 points + 2 years minimum of seniority in the echelon tans

10 years of services and 800 points + 2 years minimum of seniority in echelon silver



This medal is awarded by the defence Minister at the time of a hold of weapons. The chief of body or a similar authority expresses the rank and the name of the member followed words :

" In the name of the Defence Minister, we hand you the medal (precision of the echelon) of the National Defence".



Only the activities done since the 01/09/1981 are taken in account.

The possessors of a rank or a dignity in one the national orders or the Military Medal cannot get the medal of the National Defence.

The National association of the Crosses of War and the Military Value (approval of the defence minister) accepts like members, the medallists of the National Defence.

To posthumous title, the maybe awarded medal.

Delay of one month to count of the date of the facts for the soldiers killed in the achievement to owe them.

For the writing of a résumé, the administrations are sensitive to this mention.

Note :

Existence of a Medal National Cambodian.
Created by king Norodom Sihanouk in 1948.
Comparable to the French War Cross.


Appendix : (List of the staples)

European body

Strengths French parked in Germany

Missions of outside aid

Mururoa - Hao

Southern and Antarctic earths

Naval aeronautics

Weapon army and cavalry

Air force Armed

Of earth Arming


Light aviation

Buildings of fights

Command air of the systems of surveillance, information and communication

Command of the schools of the air

Force Police of the earth army

Aerial defence S

Trengths aerial of fight

Aerial strengths of projection

Strategic aerial strengths

Fusiliers commandos of air

Marines National

State police


Genius of air


Foreign legion

National marine

Marine firemen


Swimmers of fight

Divers mine-sweepers


Civil security




Troops of marine

Airborne troops

Service of health

Service of gases