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Medal of Overseasr


  HISTORIC :  Beginning

The Second Empire saw the birth of several commemorative medals intended to recall the countries and expeditions under Napoléon III.

The III Republic continued in this way on the occasion of the expeditions colonial tracks at this time.

But, it appeared very quickly that these distinctions didn't permit of to reward the troops taking parts to the actions of pacification conducted within the countries newly attached to France, the Medal, Commemorative being reserved to those that had taken part in the conquest.

It is to fill this hiatus that on the initiative of Montfort, the Medal, Colonial has been created, with retroactive effect, by the law of finances of the 26, July 1893.

A decree of March 6 th, 1894 defined the modes of assignment then of this new distinction, confirming his vocation to reward the, accomplished services in some countries, designated by a special staple, fixed on the ribbon, and during one determined time. The law of finances of April 13, 1898 spread the profit of the medal to the civil servants having participated to operations of war to the colonies and to the military and civil having taken part to missions colonial perilous and being distinguished themselves of it by their courage.

Thereafter, other texts permitted to reward:

To complete these arrangements, a law of March 27, 1914 instituted the possibility to reward by the Colonial Medal, without staple, the, military counting more ten years of efficient services overseas, arrangement confirmed by a decree of application of March 27, 1914. Finally, a decree of June 6, 1962 substituted the appellation " Awards a medal of Overseas " to the appellation " Awards a medal Colonial ".


  RECIPIENTS :  Beginning

Medal Overseas without staple :

It is awarded currently to the soldiers that, besides a seniority of ten years of efficient services for the staffs non officers and fifteen years at least for the officers, served with distinction during six years in one territories defined by a decree of September 11, 1963 : Guyana Southern - Earths and Antarctica Frenchwomen - Territories of the States African and Malagasy where France maintains either of the French strengths, either of the military missions of technical cooperation: Benin - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cameroon - Comoroses - Congo - Coast of Ivory - Djibouti - Gabon - Guinea Bissau - Guinea Équatoriale - Madagascar - Mali - Mauritania - Mayotte - Niger - Republic of Center - Africa - Rwanda - Senegal - Chad - Togo - Zaire.

Medal of Overseas with staple :

Very numerous operations of war and perilous missions gave the creation of commemorative staples. The most recent concern the following territories : Chad - Mauritania - Zaire - Lebanon - Ormuz - Middle East - Cambodia - Somalia - Rwanda - Iraq - Republic of Center - Africa.

These staples are awarded for determined periods in the time by the defense secretary decision.



The having right are counted by the chiefs of body or service, who, transmit the summary states to the headquarters directions or competent central services.


  THE DISTINCTION :  Beginning



The official discount of the Medal of Overseas makes itself while pronouncing the following formula:

" Rank, name, first name,... in the name of the minister of the Defense, we award you the Medal of Overseas... (with possibly, mention of the staple) "


  PECULIARITY :  Beginning

All titular of a staple cannot be proposed again, for the same staple, even in case of involvement to new operations on the same territory.