The decorations are fixed on the left side of the chest in an order of very precise precedence.

This list will permit you I hope for it in your research to situate the medals of your forebears.

Attention: the harbor of the badges is submitted to arrangements of the article 259 of the Penal Code. (Distinguished presenting a likeness with badges of the state; harbor of badges without filling the required conditions).

Legion of Honor - Cross of the Liberation - Military Medal - Order National of the Merit - Cross of War 1914-1918 - Cross of War of the Outside operation theaters - Cross of the Military Value - Medal of the Resistance French - Medal of the escaped prisoners - Cross of the Fighter Volunteer 1914-1918 - Cross of the Fighter Volontaire 1939-1945 - Cross of the Fighting Voluntary Indochina - Cross of the Fighter Volontaire Korea - Cross of the Fighter Volontaire A.F.N. - Cross of the Fighter Volontaire of the Resistance - Cross of the Fighter - Medal of the National State police - Order of the Maritime Merit - Medal of aeronautics - Medal of Besides - Sea (ex - Colonial Medal) - Medal of the National Defense - Medal of the Voluntary military drafts - Medal of the Recognition French - Medal Commemorative interallied, so-called " Medal of the Victory " - Commemorative medal of Morocco - Commemorative Medal of the Big War - Commemorative Medal of Orient or the Dardanelles - Medal Commemorative of Syria - Cilicie - Commemorative Medal of the Services Volunteers in the France Libre - Commemorative Medal of the War 1939-1945 - Commemorative medal of the Rising - Commemorative Medal of the Country of Italy - Commemorative Medal of the Country of Indochina - Commemorative medal of the Operations of the organization of the Nations - United in Korea - Commemorative Medal of the Operations of Security and Maintenance of the Order in A.F.N. - Medal Commemorative French of the Operations of the Middle East - Medal Commemorative Frenchwomen - Medal of Africa of the North - Order of the Academic Palms - Order of the Arts and Letters - Order of the Agricultural Merit - Medal of Youth and Sports - Medal of Civil Staff Honor being a matter for the Ministry of Defense - Medal of Honor for Acts of Courage and Devotion - Medal of Honor of the Service of Health of the Armies - Foreign Orders.


The specific medals to the associations carry themselves exclusively at the time of the public démonstration " deprived " of the concerned associations and on the right side.

SHOULDER BRAID :   Click here for more of detailsi

The shoulder braid makes the tour of the arm to the level of the armpit and carry himself very close to attached the left shoulder.


During the ceremony of the funerals, the tricolor flag maybe placed on the coffin of a Former Fighter, titular of the card of the fighter or voluntary fighter. An agreement formulated by the secretary of the interior in 1999 spreads this privilege to the holders of the Title of Recognition of the Nation